Making a Crystal Grid

Crystal grid and healing sets are groups of stones that go together for a purpose. Sets of crystals and stones are used for ritual magickal or spiritual crystal healing purposes or with Reiki-Seichim energy work for healing. Some are generalized and others have specific purposes.

When setting up any crystal grid or crystal healing grid set, there are some general guidelines that are helpful to follow.


  1. Choose your intention and choose the crystals suited for the intention.Clear the crystals to remove any negative energy they may have picked up. Do this by using sage, rose water or washing the stone with sea salt or placing them on a dry bed of sea salt for 24 hours.
  2. Ground yourself and clear your environment before starting. (try using your grounding exercise and the sage or a selected incense (patchouli, cedarwood, frankincense)  to clear the corners of the room with your intention ready.)
    Use your favorite method that you’re comfortable with.
  3. Focus your intent as you start to set up the crystals. If you’re distracted by personal concerns you may want to wait until you can be more focused, as the energy of your thoughts can affect the grid.

Upon the Subject

Be extra careful when placing crystals or stones in particularly sensitive or active areas such as tables or under dinner tables as can be touched or disturbed. You can use a pre-planned grid or pattern, or place the stones in a hexagon shape, use your intuition. Always use even numbers and allow for space if you’re doing a large grid. Remember the centerpiece must be larger than the other crystals used to surround it and also keep a pointed crystal aside to charge the grid when set. I have you are able to place the grid on a natural source it will heighten the energy. Once you have set your grid use the pointed crystal to charge the grid starting from the middle crystal going out to the first line and next line each stone being connected the middle stone by the touch of the pointed crystal.  Your grid is set. Use your intuition to decide when it needs to be re-cleaned, changed or put away it all depends on your intention at the time and this will help with the decision.