Red Green Man terracotta wall plague

The Green Man is also known as other names such as “Green Jack”, “Jack in the Green” and even “Robin Hood”. Green man is a deep archetypal symbol and a historical idea that represents the eternally renewing energy and wisdom of nature. He represents the male connections to nature. The Green Mans wisdom is of external; truth, cycles and passages. He embodies the cycle of birth, growth, death, and re-birth and teaches us the sacred truths of Nature. His is a magical bridge between Nature and ourselves for he is vegetable and animal at once. His energy fills the trees with the oxygen we breathe. At harvest, he surrenders himself for the good of us to sustain us through the long winter. In spring, his seed is planted in the warm moist earth and the Green Man is born again. Green Man usually appears as a male face completely made of or covered in green leaves. Sometimes vines and other plants are growing out from the mouth and nose.  He appears in different forms both in the East and West he is based upon hundreds of vine thousands of foliate or leaf heads that were carved into many Gothic medieval cathedrals throughout Europe. Early depictions of Green Man can be found in Middle and Eastern Egypt, but studies show that it appears the symbol of Green Man dates back as long humanity itself.

We honor the energy of the Green Man by being more environmental Friendly and looking after our green planet.

Plastic- Material

H 18cm x W18 cm x D 3.5cm