Orange Sacral Chakra Candle​​ – 

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheel. They are a system of seven primary energy centers located along the spine. Chakra candles combine color therapy with aromatherapy and are a great way to enhance energy healing sessions and meditations. The color and fragrance blend of each candle are designed to enhance specific healing energies.

Svadhisthana – Orange is associated with creativity and radiance. It is the color of the reproductive chakra. Brings joy to our workday and strengthens our appetite for life! Orange is the best emotional stimulant. It connects us to our senses and helps to remove inhibitions and makes us independent and social.

Key Words: Happiness, Confidence, and Resourcefulness

100% palm wax. Each Wagner Life Design PALM LIGHT chakra candle has the corresponding symbol in gold lettering applied. Height: 20cm

Burning time: max. 100 hours

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