The Mother’s India Fragrance are hand rolled and made from a rich blend of pure and natural ingredients. The spicy mixture and fragrance are based on the traditional Indian incense, which incorporates the use of honey and a resin called Halmaddi as its base. The carefully chosen resin gives this incense their fragrance and full, sweet scent and makes the sticks soft touch. 

An incense of biblical renown, frankincense is a classic sweet yet woody fragrance. It is grounding, calming and earthy.

Frankincense can help with depression and anxiety and is a known anti-inflammatory.

The main ingredient in this incense is olibanum, a resin harvested from the Boswellia tree. Overharvesting and climate change have put this tree at risk in Arabia and North-west Africa, but please rest assured that we only use Indian frankincense.

24 sticks per packet, 1 hour burning each stick