Chrysoprase Tumble stones

Chrysoprase is a silicon dioxide mineral that belongs to the chalcedony group of quartz crystals. The presence of nickel in the mineral has altered the normal colourless quartz mineral to a beautiful green translucent stone. The translucent apple green crystal is the most popular of these stones.
This stone is sometimes simply called Prase.
The colour varies from a yellow-green to a bright apple green to a dark veined green. This stone is often mistaken for jadeite.

In antiquity, chrysoprase was assigned to the Goddess Venus which represented the divine love of truth. This refers to the sense of justice that is attributed to Venus. 
 Chrysoprase promotes optimism and personal insight. Inducing deep medative states, it imparts a sense of being part of the divine whole, This stone assists in looking at egotistical motives in the past and the effect that has had on hour development and aligns your ideas with your behavior. Chrysoprase heals you inners child, releasing emotions locked in childhood, and, overcoming compulsive thoughts, turns your attention to positive events,. This stone stimulates acceptance of oneself and others. 

  • Width, thickness, shape and color does vary and is not necessarily the same as the crystal shown in the picture.
  • Tumble stones are being sold individually (Please contact us if you request more than one.
  • Weight: 3g to 5g

          Approximate size: 1.5cm to 2cm long

Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.