Chakra Tree of Life Pendant – 

A symbol of the Three of Life is a connection to all things. The tree has roots that reach deeply into the soil, acknowledging its connection to, and accepting nourishment from, Mother Earth. Leaves and branches extend into the sky, acknowledging Father Sun and accepting the energy that it transforms into nourishment. The tree of life means that you are not an island, but are deeply connected to the world around you and dependent on it for your ability to grow and thrive.

Chakra Crystals Include: 

Crown: Amethyst

Third Eye: Sodilite

Throat: Blue Onyx

Heart: Peridot

Sacral: Citrine

Solar Plexus: Carnelian 

Root: Garent

  • Width, thickness, shape and color does vary and is not necessarily the same as the crystal shown in the picture.
  • All pendnats come with chain. 

Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.