Detected country by CBR: Ireland

Wicca and Gothic themed items such as

Spell candles in a wide variety of colours .Working with candles to do spell work is a great practice for modern witches and and those who are of the Wicca faith. Some witches anoint the candles with essential oils , herbs and crystals to give power to spell they are working on.

White sage bundles straight from California ideal for smudging ceremonies  some are plain sage and others are a beautiful blend of sage and other herbs that have different properties in herbal-ism.

Art work canvases by Lisa Parker  featuring cats wolves and owls.

Gothic style Cauldrons to create your spells and rituals and perfect for scrying. Scrying is the ancient method using water or a reflective surface to see visions of the future.

and novelty cauldron shaped oil burners and mugs.