Crystals in the Home

Crystals have been used by people for thousands of years. There are over 200 references in the Bible about crystals and they were an integral part of biblical life. Ancient Egyptians used Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot and other crystals in their jewelry and other adornments.  Roman soldiers even carried Tiger Eye to encourage bravery in battle. Crystals can be used for physical, mental and emotional healing, as well as for general health and well-being. Learning how to use crystals properly can open you up to an entirely new way of life such as:

  •  balance your chakras during meditation
  • quartz crystals can be used to make crystal remedy for drinking
  •  can protect you from negative influences in an environment
  • crystals can be placed within your aura, worn or place in your room
  • treat your plants and pets
  • crystals can keep the energy healthy for you or your home and work

Choosing your crystals carefully is an important step and involves trusting your feelings, and you may find yourself drawn to particular ones. Crystals are natural, which makes each one unique and special. Very rarely will you ever find a perfectly shaped crystal?

Cleansing your crystals can restore it to its original state. Do this regularly, especially after other people have handled them, as crystals pick up energy from others and the environment quite easily. Cleanse them using the elements: Fire (Sage and Palo Santo), Water (Salt Water/Sea Water) or Earth (bury them) Be Aware: Some Crystals don’t like salt water, ie. Amethyst, Selenite… Keep them protected in a pouch or other natural container if you wear them regularly. Try not to let them rattle against hard surfaces, as some can crack or break. Whenever you can, place them where they can capture some sunlight and moonlight. To Charge your Crystals means to energize and regenerate them. You can charge your crystals whenever you want because the more they are energized the more effectively they will work for you. You can use the Sunlight and Moonlight energies. Simply place them where they will receive the most direct light for a day or night.

Dedicating and Bonding with your Crystals is extremely important for you and your crystal. Dedications give your crystals to the universal purple and will give you protection and ensure that your crystal is used for the highest intention for you. This is permitted programming of your crystal, protecting it from anything negative nor allow it to be influenced by negatively by anyone. If you choose to Programm your crystal, it means you are projecting your thoughts and intentions into your crystal, which will then reflect back to you your own ability to achieve your intention. You can programme a crystal for healing, strength, positivity, success, wealth, better relationships, love, friendship, sleep, health, and in fact anything that makes you feel better. Be mindful of accepting crystals that have already been programmed by someone else, as the crystal may react differently to your energy.

Home/Office Help calm, soothe, relax, heal, dispel negativity, balance family, uplift, inspire
Entrance Hall A bowl of crystals in different colors is warm, welcoming and enlivening
Sitting Room Rose Quartz (Harmony) Citrine (Enlivening) Blue Stone (Cooling) Calcite (Healing)
Dining Room Romantic Dinner – Blue  & Green (Turquoise, blue howlite, aventurine)

Business Lunch – Yellow (Citrine, tiger’s eye, amber, yellow calcite)

Kitchen Good energy here will touch all areas of your home. Colorful Crystals, carnelian, red jasper, garnet, ruby
Bedroom Love – Green and Pink (Rose Quartz, rhodonite, amazonite, chrysoprase)

Restful Sleep – Gree (Jade, aventurine, emerald

Study Creativity, Self-expression: Lapis Lazuli, turquoise, sodalite

Stress and Electromagnetic Pollution: Fluorite, amethyst, clear quartz

Car Securely placed, help reduce tiredness and improve concentration: citrine, clear quartz
Handbag Securely placed in a pouch for protection, keep them within your aura
Pocket Carry your crystals in a protective pouch in your pocket

Wherever you place your crystals and for whatever reason, you are helping heal the energy of the world. Enjoy your crystals