Palo Santo Mist Spray Palo Santo Mist Spray (50ml)

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Palo Santo Mist Spray

As you may know burning of spraying the mist of Palo Santo is a lovely way to cleanse the space, refresh textiles and bring a high vibration to the atmosphere in your room.This powerful and sacred plant is a wonderful allie. Before you burn or work with Palo Santo it would be beneficial to thank the Palo Santo spirit and humbly ask for its assistance.
Palo Santo  Spray is a beautifully unique, earthy + woody scent. 100% natural atmosphere mist is blended to heal and inspire you on your life journey. 


Mist throughout the air for a daily pick me up, or for space clearing to uplift the energy before ceremony. Great for refreshing textiles or surfaces and for it's bug repellent qualities. 

*Test before using. Not intended for skin. Use within a season of purchase.*

50ml Bottles

*Bottles may vary in colour*

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