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Hanging metal retro plaque with " A Dog Wags its Tail with its Heart Wall Plaque." ..
Angel Wing Charms- Delicate, handmade Angel Wing Charms, perfect for hanging on a wall or window ..
Be Aware Grumpy Old Man Plaque Four metal panels hung on chains with 'Beware Grumpy Old Man&#..
Be Nice To Your Kids Plaque Hanging metal plaque with "Be nice to your kids, they will be ch..
Bohemian Fabric Wall Hanging Lovely wall hanging made from green and cream cotton with natural be..
Brown Double Tiered Dreamcatcher with Turquoise Bead- The idea behind this comes from the spider&..
Buddha Sitting on Dragon-Frog  The image of the Buddha is based on a wandering Chinese monk,..
Chakra Symbol Wall Banner -  Hand along the wall, or above a door, these perfect size Chakra..
Chakra Wall Hanging Dreamcatcher-  Hand along the wall, or above a door, these perfect size ..
Cherish Your Friends Quote Hanging Plaque Three plaques connected with a silver chain with the sa..
Hanging metal retro plaque with " Dad's Work Shop Plaque." Height 30cm H x 20c..
Retro metal hanging plaque with a humorous take on the usual 'Give a man a fish' quotation....
Hanging metal retro plaque with " Grandma's Babysitting Service Plaque." Heigh..
Hamsa Wooden Wall Plaque The Hamsa is a palm-shaped amulet popular throughout the Middle East and..
This stunning hand painted wall haninging is a powerful symbol of our Chakras and of the dragon symb..