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108 Genuine Scared Rudraksham Meditation Mala Beads Designed and handmade by Glennaberry Designs ..
Artist Festival Buntings -  String of 8 festival flags forming a delicate decoration. Flags ..
Buddha Sitting on Dragon-Frog  The image of the Buddha is based on a wandering Chinese monk,..
Chakra Stone Set 7 pastel coloured stones with detailed Chakra symbols painted on the front. Perf..
Chakra Symbol Wall Banner -  Hand along the wall, or above a door, these perfect size Chakra..
Energy Clearing Aura Chime - Aura chimes are primarily used in sound therapy to clear negative en..
Extra Loud Singing bowl In Buddhist practice, singing bowls are used as a support for meditation,..
Mala Bead Set -  Buddha recommended the mantra mala practice   path to enlightenment fo..
Meditation Aromatherapy Stamford Incense -  Allow the spiritual blend of Camomile, Vanilla..
Meditation Brass Bell and Stick -  The sound mantra of the bells is "OM", which sy..
Medium velvet Singing Bowl Cushions - Stylish Velvet singing bowl cushion with brocade rim. Stuff..
Medium singing bowl with a wooden stick A wonderful to be used in sound therapy and mediatio..
Garden Monk Statue Praying Monk staute with Mala beads. Ideal for indoors and outdoor use. Made f..
Mosaic Lotus Flower Mirror Large, Lotus Flower, colourful Mirror to brighten up your home.  ..
Mosaic Lotus Spectrum Mirror Large, Lotus Flower, colourful Mirror to brighten up your home. ..