Connemara Marble with Garnet Sterling Silver Ring

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Connemara Marble with Garnet Sterling Silver Ring

Connemara Marble is a serpentine-rich rock, popular since ancient times as a decorative facing stone. With its 'forty shades of green' and its wild patterns, it represents perfectly the landscapes of the Emerald Isle. Connemara Marble inspired artists, architects and artisans throughout the world.

Garnet can act as a strong help to balance the energy system, stimulate desires and uplift your attitude. As a balancer stone, Garnet can prevent fears of insecurity and can reenergize the chakras. It inspires love and devotion, balancing the sex drive and alleviating emotional disharmony.

Each piece of Connamarra marble is handpicked in Ireland, and each ring is stunningly made from sterling silver in India with love.

Comes with custom Amber Ring Box

Gift Wrapping Available for rings only - Please indicate if you would like yours wrapped in your order form.

Approx Ring Size: US Size: 8.75

UK Size: Q 1/2

Approx Diameter: 18.53mm

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