Amber Pure Resin Incense

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Amber Pure Resin Incense

Our Cleopatra Amber Resin is of the highest quality and is made using the finest ingredients. Resin has so many wonderful uses, such as in spell herbs, charm pouches and to burn as incense when placed on a lit charcoal disc.
Amber Magickal Uses: Amber is a magical substance that even absolute beginners can use. One of the most spiritual substances, that cannot be affected or imprinted with any negative surrounding energies, amber is extremely powerful in healing, shielding and protection spells.

Place a few pieces of resin on a burning charocal in a heat proof bowl or holder on a safe surface and enjoy the aroma. 

*Keep out of reach of children & pets*

Charcoal disks sold seperantly. 

Approx. Amount: 25g

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