The Day Out of Time Fairy Card by Jeff Fitzpatrick Adams

The Day Out of Time Fairy  Card by Jeff Fitzpatrick Adams, Greeting Card, Irish Art, Irish Celtic Illuminations, Handmade in Ireland, Holistic Products Ireland
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The Day Out of Time Fairy  Card by Jeff Fitzpatrick Adams 

The Day Out of Time Fairy is the fourteenth tree in the Beth-Luis-Nion Tree Alphabet, but it is not ruled by any of the trees as it falls outside the thirteen month year. The number fourteen is a moon number representing the days of the first half of the month. The Day Out of Time falls on the day after the mid-winter solstice, when the hours of daylight begin to lengthen again.The Beth-Luis-Nion Tree Alphabet was originally used in ancient times for divination and consists of five vowels and thirteen constanents. Easch letter is named after the tree or shrub of which it is the initial eg. the first month begins immediately after the mid-winter solstice and is Beth 'B' Birch. The second month is Luis 'L'  Rowan. And the month is Nion 'N' Ash and so forth.  The thirteen constanents in the alphabet correspond to a tree month which represents the lunar month of 28 days, 13 months, with 1 day left over - The Day Out of Time. And thus, the Fairy elemental that embodies the Day Out of Time is 'The Day Out of Time Fairy of Death & Rebirth'.

Inside: Blank Card

Jeff Fitzpatrick Adams was born on All Hallows Eve in Northern Ireland. Jeff has been practicing Celtic Art for 35 years. His work is greatly influenced by  the early Celtic illuminated manuscript and the Book of Kells.

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