Worry dolls in a box

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Worry Dolls in a box 

These dolls are originally from the highlands of Guatemala. They are very tiny dolls. Usually, they are only 1 inch long or 2.5 cm, though larger dolls have become more common. There is not one singular correct look for these dolls.

The idea of a worry doll is to help a person get rid of their worries before falling asleep. Worry dolls are most popular with children.

The person feeling any kind of mild anxiety holds a doll and tells the doll about one thing that is troubling. The troubling matter is transferred to the doll.

The doll may be placed under the pillow. Some prefer to place the doll in a special Box.

Finally, the person can sleep tight knowing the worry has gone, the doll has taken care of the concern and will make it disappear.

If a person has more than one fear, more dolls are needed as each doll deals with one fear.

This claim is not absolute. Many do reuse their worry doll many times and tell all their troubles to that particular doll. They seem to have a special connection to their favourite doll.

Worry dolls are mostly used with kids. Many parents choose to remove the doll during the night. The child may then have “proof” that their worries are gone.  

The intent of using the worry dolls is to help the person deal with their troubles by stating them out loud and by showing they are willing to let go of their worries before going to sleep.

This item is not a toy

3 cm W x 4 cm L

4 x  colours available 



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