Benzaiten Goddess of Eloquence Polyresin Statue

Benzaiten Goddess of Eloquence Polyresin Statue, Resin Figure, Archangel, Deity, Statue, Bronze Colour, Holistic Products Ireland
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Benzaiten Goddess of Eloquence Polyresin Statue,

Japanese / Buddhist Goddess of love, beauty, eloquence, wisdom, arts, music, knowledge, good fortune, and water. She is the protectors of children and the patroness of geishas, dancers and musicians. Her husband was a wicked dragon whom she reformed, and is often shown riding. She is said to prevent earthquakes and is worshiped on islands. Benzaiten is originally of Hindu origin and is associated with Sarasvati; she is also linked to Gaun Yin and sometimes the male deity of compassion in Buddhism. 
Depicted as a beautiful woman, riding a dragon while playing on a stringed instrument called a Biwa. It is often said that when a dragon devoured many children, she descended to earth to stop his evil work thus gaining her the title of protectress of children.

Approx Size: 27cmH x 24cmW

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