Archangel Gabriel Polyresin Statue

Archangel Gabriel Polyresin Statue, Resin Figure, Archangel, Deity, Statue, Bronze Colour, Holistic Products Ireland
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Archangel Gabriel Polyresin Statue,

Archangel Gabriel’s name means 'God is my strength'. Often portrayed holding a trumpet and as the only female archangel. As the patron of communications, Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel, acting as a messenger of God. She helps writers, teachers, journalists and artists to convey their message, to find motivation and confidence, and to market their skills. She also assists in overcoming issues of fear and procrastination in communication as well as in all areas related to children, helping during conception, pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing.

Prayer to Archangel Gabriel
“Archangel Gabriel, the angel of revelation, I thank God for making you a powerful messenger to deliver divine messages. Please help me hear what God has to say to me, so I can follow his guidance and fulfill his purposes in my life.”

Approx Size: 30m H x 20cmW

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