Orgonite Amethyst Pendant

Orgonite Amethyst Pendant
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Orgonite Amethyst Pendant

Powerful protection stone. Associated with Arch Angel Michael and the violet flame. An excellent stone for grief, loss, addiction, sleeplessness and transitions in life. 

Orgonite makes a great tool for healers, both as a personal energy booster. Because orgonite draws stale and stagnant energy inside itself, and emits the energy as positive, healthy energy, wearing an orgonite pendant means you constantly have a fresh supply of orgone energy, or chi, surrounding you.  This will benefit anyone. Orgonite pendants are also good for protecting and grounding healers.  As a healer, you often come into contact with negatively charged energy, and it is important to center and ground yourself properly so that you don’t take on your client’s energy.

  • Removes negative energy.
  • Creates a healthy atmosphere.
  • Improves & energises a large area.
  • Helps to restore neutrality and cleanse the 7 chakras.
  • Take with you to improve balance in the surrounding energy.

Approx Size: 2.8cm x 2.8cm

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