Rose Quartz Skull

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Rose Quartz Skull -

Working with crystal skulls is a very personal thing and you will experience what you and your skull are meant to experience. But here are some ways for you to work with your crystal skull:

  • Choose just one crystal skull to work with and focus on creating a special connection between you and your skull. Work with one crystal skull for two weeks and get to know how it communicates with you. Once you have done this with one skull, you may find it easier connecting to the rest of your crystal skull family (if you have one).
  • Keep your skull with you each day but find 5-10 mins every day to sit in quiet meditation with it.
  • Spend time out in nature with your crystal skull. Place them on the Earth or sit by the River with them. Take photos of your skull in Nature…can you see Orbs?
  • Do some automatic writing with your skull; dream work; grid work, healing; work with elements and elementals; access the Akashic records; let it help you study; just relax with your crystal skull.
  • When working with your crystal skull, make sure you ground, centre, and protect yourself. Then when you have finished, disconnect from your skull.

Rose Quartz makes it is possible to release emotional sorrow and pain through forgiveness. Love is soft, gentle, and nurturing allowing you to heal at your own pace. As the soft vibration of Rose Quartz resonates with your Heart Center, it begins to lovingly re-create sacred space within, re-connecting you with Divine Source Energy. In healing, you will be able to give and receive love first, to you. 

Approx Size (Sizes and colours may vary slightly) - 5cm L x 3.5cm T

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