Selenite Tealight Holder

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Selenite Candle Holder

Selenite is the ultimate crystal cleansing and programming stone. From a naturally clear or opaque form of gypsum crystal, it gives out a calm and peaceful energy and its fine vibration brings clarity of mind. Although an ancient stone, it is one of the most powerful crystals for the current age and the intensity of its energy is greater than almost any other crystal for the upper chakras. As such, it quickly opens and activates the third eye and crown chakras and elevates one’s awareness to higher planes of inner experience, enabling one to receive information from one’s spirit guides and guardian angels as ‘interior movies’. You must not get your selenite wet as it may dissolve in water.

Our Selenite candle holders have been hand picked in Morrocco.

Please note***Our selenite tealight holders are all unique. Product might vary slightly from shown image.*** 

Approx Size: 12cmH x 6cmW


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