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Candles and Holders

Candles and Holders
Candles and Holders
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Fuschia non-drip Quality Dinner Candle Pink is a perfect colour for the the heart chakra, for bot..
Glass Star Tealight Holder- Excellently crafted glass tealight holder! A perfect gift for someone..
Gold Embroidered Elephant Candle - Decertive Elephant in purple or turquoise wax  with delei..
Gold Sparkle Non Drip Quality Dinner Candle - Spice up your Holiday decor with this stunning Gold..
Green Heart Chakra Candle​ -  Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheel. They are a s..
Sandy finish ceramic hand with white glazed tealight holder. Lovely for any therapy room or at ho..
Handmade Turquoise Ceramic Hands - Unique and ornamental turquoised hands poised together to hold..
Hopi Ear Candles - The Native Americans used this treatment to relieve many ear, nose and throat ..
IndigoThird Eye Chakra Candle -  Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheel. They are ..
Ivory Dinner Candle - White and Ivory represents innocence, purity, faith and peace. Evoke the colou..
Large Rustic Red Candle -  This time of year, rustic candles are so popular, and our red can..
Lavender non-drip Quality Dinner Candle  Combines the innocence of white with the spirituali..
Lotus Flower Tealight Holder -  Beautiful Lotus Flower Tealight Holders, perfect decoration ..
Marble Grey non-drip Quality Dinner Candle Silver and Grey candles are associated with the Moon p..
Meditating Thai Buddha Tealight Holder Meditating Buddha sitting in the traditional meditation po..
Candles, and, Holders