24" Bronze Nature's Melody Windchime - Melodic Tune D

24" Bronze Nature's Melody Windchime - Melodic Tune D, Premiere Grade Chime, Holistic Products Ireland
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24" Bronze Nature's Melody Windchime - Melodic Tune D

A hexagonal top made of solid American beechwood supports 6 alloy chimes which are made from recycled aluminium and then powder coated with a lovely bronze.  The walls of the chimes are thick and the sound therefore resonates beautifully

All the wooden components are stained black and treated with teak oil.   The wind catcher - which is a sensible size to catch the breeze - bears the Nature's Melody logo.

Strung with rot-proof nylon line with a robust green 'S'-hook at the top for easy hanging, this chime also features a "mute" button - a small plastic toggle immediately below the striker which allows this to be moved down so it does not make contact with the chimes, thereby reducing noise levels if it is very windy.

Tuned to the scale of D

This item is boxed.

Approx. Diameter of top:  13 cm (5 inches)
Approx. Diameter of chimes:  1.5 cm (0.59 inches)


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