Handmade Red Elephant Nepalese Wall Tapestry

 Handmade Red Elephant Nepalese Wall Tapestry
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Handmade Nepalese Indian Wall Tapestries - These are exotic handmade tapestry wall hanging products made by women in Nepal. They made with recycled saris and old clothes. 

The fabrics are patched together and beaded with various types of beads to add character and uniqueness to each one. This is a perfect decorative piece for your living room or common area. You can also use the tapestries as a decorative floor mat for a therapy or yoga room .

Due to the authenticity of the tapestries there may be some stains on the reverse. The mud huts that they are produced in have caused slight wear and tear.

If there is a particular wall hanging you are interested in please do not hesitate to contact us here on info@holisticproductsireland.com and we can forward you on more information and photos in regards to the quality of the tapestry.

Dimensions: 157cm Width x 105cm Height

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