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Mosaic Lotus Spectrum Mirror Large, Lotus Flower, colourful Mirror to brighten up your home. ..
Mosaic Round Rainbow Coloured Mirror made from a spectrum of rainbow coloured glass mosaic tile..
Mosaic Wild Fox Mirror  Handcrafted, bright and colourful fox mirror for your home or r..
Ocean Shell Jewellery Dish - Ocean Blue Sea Shell dishm, perfect to hold jewellery and other pres..
Medium oval hanging mirror handmade from wood and glass mosaic tiles in a pastel colour striped patt..
Handmade medium oval hanging mirror made from a spectrum of rainbow coloured glass mosaic tiles. ..
Oval Shaped Inspirational Paper Weight - A perfect size, oval shaped paper weight that will brigh..
A mosaic owl mirror handmade in Bali, made from mottle brown and blue glass mosaics tiles Dimensi..
Palmistry - Your Fate is in Your Hands Wooden Wall Plaque Palmistry, or chiromancy is the claim o..
Retro faded blue metal magnet with 'Patience is such a waste of time'. Dimensions: Height..
Phrenology Wooden Wall Plaque Phrenology is a pseudomedicine primarily focused on measurements of..
Pretty Things Jewellery and Trinket Box - A lovely trinket box with text that reads: pretty thing..
Pretty Things Tin -  Need a place to store jewellery, crystals or notes at work or at home? ..
Pyramid Shaped Ornaments -   ..
Rainbow Mosaic Bowl Multi-coloured, Moasaic Bowl, a perfect addition to add a splash of colour to..
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