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Cultural Statues

Cultural Statues
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Archangel Gabriel Polyresin Statue, Archangel Gabriel’s name means 'God is my strength&..
Archangel Metatron Polyresin Statue, Known as the Archangel of Ascension, Metatron assists with s..
Archangel Michael Polyresin Statue, St. Michael the Archangel, whose name means, “one who i..
Archangel Raphael Polyresin Statue, Archangel Raphael is known as the angel of healing. He is ful..
Archangel Uriel Polyresin Statue, Known as the archangel of wisdom and light, Uriel is most known..
Benzaiten Goddess of Eloquence Polyresin Statue, Japanese / Buddhist Goddess of love, beauty, elo..
Buddha 3D Picture - Grey Thai Buddha 3D lenticular picture, with a black & white plastic fram..
Buddha on Chinese Money Toad - The chinese money toad is a symbol many use to attract wealth and ..
Durga Protector of the Universe Polyresin Statue, In Hinduism, the goddess Durga, also known as D..
Elegant Standing Angels Lovely freestanding medium sized trio of angels. Great decorative piece a..
Evil Eye Charm - The Evil Eye talismans was created to protect against the evil eye are also freq..
Feng Shui Ya Sheng Chinese Money Coin - Ya sheng coin, also known as flowery coin, takes the shap..
Ganesha the Remover of Obstacles Polyresin Statue The wise and gentle elephant-headed Hindu deity..
Gold and Red Ganesh Statue. The Ganesh represents the power of supreme being that removes obstacles ..
Gold Japanese Money Cat with Moving Arm -  Gold colour money cat and moving arm A go..
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