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Flourite, Marcasite, Spirit Quartz and Pyrite Crystal Piece   ..
Flourite, Quartz and Pyrite Crystal Piece   ..
Fluorite Tumbled Stone -  Fluorite is a stone of mental order and clarity. It is used to enh..
Galena and Pyrite Combination Cluster ..
Garnet Tumbled Stone Crystals -  .Chakra – Base and Heart Energises all Powerf..
Gemstone Treasure Bag – Bring a little sparkle to your home with your very own Gemstone tre..
Gemstone Treasure Bottle – Bring a little sparkle to your home with your very own Gemstone ..
Glass Sphere with Angel Imprint - A glass sphere ball with a delicate Angel imprinted in the cent..
Golden Barite, Galena and High Grade Pyrite Crystal Piece - Working with Barite can increase your..
Golden Barite, Marcasite, Cerussite and Galena Mineral Piece ..
Goldstone Tumbled Stone -  Goldstone is said to help attain one's goals. Goldstone is al..
Green Aventurine Pendulum - Green Aventurine also soothes emotional wounds, allowing one to recog..
Handmade Beaded Peach Moonstone Necklace- Moonstone is said in crystal healing to help calm respo..
Handmade Beaded Raw Sodalite Necklace- Sodalite is a stone that is good for healing breaches in c..
Handmade Bowtie Sterling Silver Faceted Blue Kyanite Ring Kyanite reflects the color energy of th..