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Rose Quartz is usually referred to as the “love crystal” is part of the Quartz family of..
Ruby Infused Fuchsite Crystal Wand - Single Terminated Isis Clear Quartz Pointed Crystal with Clo..
Rutilated Quartz Tumbled Stone Crystals -  Chakra- Crown It heightens the energetic impul..
Selenite Tumbled Stone Crystal -  Selenite will bring about reconciliation, mental clarity, ..
Shungite Tumbled Stone Crystal -  Shungite is a Purifier Stone. Made of compressed carbon, s..
Silver Sheen Obsidian – A black or deep brown Obsidian displaying a silver-gray iridescent..
Silverleaf Jasper Tumbled Stone Crystal- Silver Leaf Jasper is an excellent protection stone, pro..
Single Terminated Round Point Black Tourmaline Wand Sterling Silver with Clear Quartz Sphere A..
Barite, Pyrite and Apophyllite Crystal Piece - Working with Barite can increase your understandin..
Small Brazilian Amethyst Cathedral Crystal Amethyst is a gemstone often worn by healers, as it ha..
Small Clear Quartz Merkabah -  Mer means Light, Ka means Spirit, Bah means Body Merkabah ..
Small Handmade Silver Setting Connamarra Marble Round Ring Connemara Marble is a serpentine-rich ..
Small High Grade Pyrite with White Barite Crystal Piece - Working with Barite can increase your u..
Small White Barite with Rainbow Pyrite and Barite Crystal - Working with Barite can increase your..
A strong, steady, and powerful stone, smoky quartz increases the powers of perception, confidence, a..