Cavansite and Matrix Crystal Pendant

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Cavansite and Matrix Crystal Pendant-

This lovely crystal embodies the energy of the purest blue ray. This crystal will unite the throat chakra with the third eye chakra, and this unity of the two chakras is highly beneficial. Emotionally, cavansite helps get rid of negative thoughts and beliefs, and inspires new ideas. It helps see what part of life need attention. It also helps one relax. It is a comforting and calming stone that is excellent to use to help to heal grief and loss, and using this crystal is one of the ways to relieve your stress. This is a stone of truth, and allows you to accept yourself as you are, as well to accept others as they are.

Cavansite is a stone of transition through major life changes. It aids you to let go of faulty thinking and be comfortable in the knowledge of your actions. It helps you to make sense of previous experiences, or life lessons that you may have had difficulty with in the past, and to optimistically and happily deal it. It aids your ability to connect with spirit and is a highly useful stone for those in psychic employment.

Our handmade jewellery is made from the finest and highest quality gemstones. Each piece is set in sterling silver and comes with a custom made Amber Box. Chain sold separately.

Approx Size: 2.4cm H x 2.9cm W

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